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Sending Samples

If you are planning on sending us samples, please note that we have specific requirements for submitting a project, and that we only accept certain sample types.

About Us

WGI (Inc.) analyzes DNA for wildlife managers, researchers and breeders. We extract DNA from a wide variety of sample types and analyze genetic markers to assess biological questions. These questions range from simple determination of gender to sophisticated analyses of population genetics. We will work with a wide range of species, sample types, and biological questions, as long as there is a good prospect for delivering useful results. Since tackling our first study in 1999 we have completed over 2000 projects, establishing a solid reputation for integrity and quality work.

Our Services

Our services run the gamut of DNA-based analysis of wildlife samples. We have done everything from identifying the true species in an order of ginger beef to analyzing individual ID in polyploid species of sturgeon. Some of the most common analyses that we perform are DNA-based mark-recapture projects (more than 500 projects to date), genetic identification of individual movements, parentage analysis, gender analysis in morphologically cryptic bird species, and studies of species distribution from genetic analysis of scat samples.














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